Accountants Client Newsletter Service - 2018
Newsletter Options
The prices below include 4 newsletter issues (Feb, May, Aug, Nov) and exclude GST.
Option 1 - Word Formatted
The newsletter comes pre-formatted in MS Word allowing you to add updates specific to your office and additional articles that suit the needs of your clients. This option also includes a MS Office Word file and a read only formatted PDF copy.
  • File Formats: Word and PDF
  • Delivery via: Email
  • Subscription Fee: $495 + GST
Option 2 - Text Only
The newsletter comes as unformatted text allowing you or your print house to use and format the articles as you please. This option also includes a read only formatted PDF copy.
  • File Formats: Word and PDF
  • Delivery via: Email
  • Subscription Fee: $425 + GST
Option 3 - Read Only PDF (printing and copying inhouse)
The newsletter comes formatted in PDF format. You can print the newsletter on your own letterhead paper, but changes cannot be made to the newsletter. (Advanced Personalisation not available)
  • File Formats: Word and PDF
  • Delivery via: Email
  • Subscription Fee: $345 + GST
Personalisation can be added to the Standard Newsletter Options above, these include:
  • Standard Personalisation - the newsletter can be personalised with your firm's details/letterhead. This service is available for all options above.
  • Advanced Personalisation - this includes changing the text/articles or format/layout of newsletter. This is only available for options 1 & 2
  • A personalisation fee is charged in addition to the Standard Newsletter Options 1 & 2.
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Terms and Conditions
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