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The Institute for Business Research, formerly the Management Research Centre, has been publishing the Legal Client Newsletter for the past 20 years. The articles are written by practising legal professionals and enable you to stay in touch with your clients on a regular basis through keeping them up-to-date with legal information and issues relevant to their business and personal lives.

The service is an economical and convenient way to maintain client contact and to promote your professional services. By subscribing to the service you save the time and money required to write and format a topical, high quality newsletter in-house. The options below allow you to do as little or as much work in-house as you prefer.

How it works

The newsletter is delivered quarterly (February, May, August, and November) and is available in the options outlined below. All newsletters have four articles, and in the case of options 1 and 2, we also provide an alternative article as a substitute if required. The newsletters comprise four A4 pages so can be printed or copied to form a double-sided A3 booklet, and are designed to allow the addition of your firm's letterhead and contact details (or we can do this for you, see the Personalised option below).


  1.  Microsoft Word Formatted (97 - 2003)
    The newsletter is delivered to your firm pre-formatted in Microsoft Word (version 97 - 2003) giving you the flexibility to personalise it in-house. You can add your letterhead, office updates, additional articles and graphics specific to your firm, without the additional cost and hassles of writing your own or reformatting the entire newsletter.
  2.  Text Only
    The text only option saves time for those subscribers who prefer to put together their own newsletter, but utilise some or all of the articles provided by the Institute for Business Research. This option will save re-typing the articles. In addition, you also receive a formatted PDF copy of the newsletter so you can see the layout we applied to the articles.
  3.  Paper Copy
    The paper copy of the newsletter is a formatted version delivered via the post. This version allows you to photocopy the newsletter for distribution to your clients. As with all versions of the newsletter, space is provided at the top for your firm’s letterhead and contact details (or we can add this for you via personalization).
  4.  Read Only
    The read only option allows you to print an original formatted copy of the newsletter in-house for copying rather than receiving a paper copy via the post. The newsletter is delivered in PDF format. With this version of the newsletter you will be unable to make any changes to the format or text (but Standard Personalisation is available - see below).

 Personalisation and Printing

Standard Personalisation: The newsletter can be personalised with your firm's details/letterhead. This service is available for all options above.
Advanced Personalisation: This includes changing the text/articles or format/layout of newsletter. This is only available for options 1 - 3.
Printing: As part of The University we can access printing and copying at competitive rates.

Contact Us

Please contact the Institute for Business Research if you would like a quote, to discuss any of these additional services or further information.
Phone: 07 858 5009

2018 Legal Newsletter Subscription Form

Please choose either:


Newsletter Options

The prices below include 4 newsletter issues and exclude GST

Option 1 - Word Formatted

The newsletter comes pre-formatted in MS Word allowing you to add updates specific to your office and additional articles that suit the needs of your clients. This option also includes a read only formatted PDF copy.

Option 2 - Text Only

The newsletter comes as unformatted text allowing you or your print house to use and format the articles as you please. This option also includes a read only formatted PDF copy.

Option 3 - Paper Copy (hard copy posted to you)

The newsletter comes in hard copy, ready to be photocopied and sent out to clients. Space is provided to add your firm details at the beginning of the newsletter.

Option 4 - Read Only PDF (printing and copying inhouse)

The newsletter comes in PDF format. You can print the newsletter on your own letterhead paper, but changes cannot be made to the newsletter. (Advanced Personalisation not available).

Personalisation Options (tick as many as apply)



An invoice will be sent to you for payment. Please enter a purchase order # if you require one on the invoice.

Terms and Conditions

By completing and returning this form you agree to the following Terms and Conditions. Payment - You agree to pay your account in full. If you do not pay your account by the due date (20th of the month following invoice) the University may suspend or restrict its services to you and require you to pay any additional fees that are incurred internally or externally in order to collect the money owed. Copyright - The material contained in the Legal Client Newsletter may only be reproduced for distribution to clients of the subscribing practice and may not be reproduced to the wider public by any means. Liability - in no event shall The University or its authors be liable for loss or damage resulting from reliance on newsletter articles. Privacy Act 1993 - The University is collecting information about you in order to offer products and services. This information will be held by The University and may be disclosed to a third party or debt collection agency if you default on any of the terms and conditions above. Under the Act you are entitled to correct the information held by The University.

For further information please contact:
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