Conference Proceedings

  1. Identity: Constructed, Consumed and Politicised
  2. Objects and the Study of Organizations
  3. Organization/Literature: Beyond Equivalence and Antinomy
  4. Theatrics of Capitalism
  5. Exploring the Meaning of 'Critique' in Electronically-Mediated Work
  6. The Cold War and Management
  7. "Critical Accounting"
  8. Human Resource Management Phenomena - HRM and beyond
  9. Critical-Realist Perspectives on Entrepreneurial Organizations and Discourses
  10. Silence and Voice in Organization Life
  11. Communication and Collaboration
  12. "Crit-Speak": Analyzing the Language and Discourses of Critical Management Studies
  13. OR/Systems Thinking for Social Improvement
  14. Giving Public Voice to CMS
  15. Technology, Language and Power
  16. Management and Goodness 2 - Hidden Goodness, Marginal Goods
  17. How to do things with Philosophy
  18. Postcolonial Stream proposal
  19. Gender Perspectives and Management
  20. Activism and Teaching
  21. Music at Work
  22. Radical Political Economy and Management
  23. Critical Marketing Visibility, Inclusivity, Captivity
  24. (Re)Investigating Class in Service and Consumer Society
  25. A Critical Turn in HRD

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