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Staff Member
and Position
Room E-mail
Staff Member InformationDr Sazali Abidin
 Senior Lecturer, Finance
4513  MS5.G.10  E-mailE-mail
Staff Member InformationProf Michele Akoorie
 Professor, Strategy & Human Resource Management
8642  MSB.4.32  E-mailE-mail
Staff Member InformationDr Brennan Allen
 Lecturer, Accounting
8940  MSB.3.01  E-mailE-mail
Staff Member InformationMs Jackie Allen
 Lecturer, Accounting
8108  MSB.3.02  E-mailE-mail
Staff Member InformationMrs Joyce Amarasekera
 Student Investigations Admin, WMS Student Centre
4990  MS1.G.08C  E-mailE-mail
Staff Member InformationMr Mike Artinian
 Manager Management Research Centre, Institute for Business Research
4186  OP32.G.04  E-mailE-mail
Staff Member InformationDr Murugesh Arunachalam
 Senior Lecturer, Accounting
7007   MSB.3.04  E-mailE-mail