McQueen Genealogy and other information

This page is the entry point to download several files on McQueen genealogy, based on the ancestors of Robert J. McQueen. Files are available in Microsoft Word and Acrobat PDF format. PDF stands for portable document format, which can be directly displayed on screen by most browsers, and also printed. It has the advantage of having smaller files than the Word versions. Sections of a PDF file can be cut or copied, but because it is an output format, the document itself cannot be changed. If your browser doesn't automatically support PDF format, you can obtain a free copy of the Acrobat pdf reader by clicking here.

1. The first files are 42 pages long, and are on the decendants of John McQueen, who emigrated from Islay, Scotland to Stayner, Ontario, Canada in 1833. The Word file is 615K, and the pdf file is 324K. (both updated Jan 25 2010)
Download the Word file here .
Download the PDF file here .

2. The second files contain the family trees of John Angus McQueen and Sarah Ethel Watson. Eight sections list the ancestors of these two people. The largest section is on John McQueen, which is also contained in the files in the previous section. The files are 51 pages long. The Word file is 460K, the PDF file is 235K.
Download the Word file here .
Download the PDF file here .

3. There is additional information here available on people with the surname McQueen living in New Zealand.

4. The present chief of Clan McQueen, John Alexander McQueen, is descended from the Corryborough McQueens and presently lives in New Zealand. These short files trace the inheritance of the chieftainship.
Download the Word file here
Download the PDF file here

5. Some information on the isle of Islay, Scotland is here.

If you have updates to this data that you would like to contribute,  please send email to Dr Robert J. McQueen at

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