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Accepted papers
The following Brisbane 1997 Conference papers are available in Get Acrobat Reader format.

Refereed Papers

The European Trade Union Confederation and Worker Participation: A Case Study of Political Influence
Keith Abbott

Work Intensification: A Lacuna in the Labour Utilisation Literature
Cameron Allan

Emerging Production Systems and Industrial Relations: Confusion, Diffusion and Exclusion?
Marian Baird and Russell Lansbury

Union and Employer Objectives in Relation to Workplace Change in the Queensland Open-Cut Coal Industry
Michael Barry and Bradley Bowden

Management Practices and Labour Strategies: Recent Japanese Experience
John Benson

Local Autonomy in Employment Relations at Plant Level Within a Global Corporation
Mark Bray and Russell Lansbury

Institutionalism and Industrial Relations Theory
Mark Bray and Nick Wailes

The Management of 'Wellness' Policies in New Zealand Enterprises
Anne Broome, Aaron Crawford and Raymond Harbridge

Why Are New Zealand Unions Stronger at the Workplace Under the
Employment Contracts Act than Australian Unions Under the Accord?

Peter Brosnan and Pat Walsh

Flexibility in the Hospitality Industry: Is Deregulation Necessary?
Jeremy Buultjens and Katrina Luckie

The Complex Process of Workplace Bargaining
R Fells

Women's Wages and Decentralised Wage Fixing: The Australian Experience
Diane Fieldes

Devils, Angels and Devils Again: The Impact of Banning of State Enterprise Unions in Thailand
Greg Fisher

Enterprise Bargaining in Tasmania: A Review of the Legislation in Operation
Jim Garnham and John Streeter

Enterprise Bargaining in Australia and New Zealand: Private Sector Comparisons
Clive Gilson and Terry Wagar

Trade Union Non-Industrial Services: Membership Attitudes
Gerard Griffin and Stuart Svensen

Labour Relations and Tripartism: The Relevance of the Philippines Model to the Micro-states of the South Pacific
Kevin Hince and Jacqui Lynch

Union Rationalisation: The Case of Mount Isa Mines
Doug Hunt

It Is Not Fashionable Here, So Why Do It?: A Re-examination of IR and HR Equity Practices in Southeast Asia
Katherine Hutchings and Greg Fisher

The Control of Workplace Culture: A Critical Perspective
Steve Jaynes

The Roman Building Industry, Ancient World Modern Discipline -- Testing the Validity of Applying Modern Theory to the Past
Marjorie Jerrard and Bob Milns

The Impact of Compulsory Arbitration on Occupational Wage Differences in Malaysia's Manufacturing Industries, 1975-1995
Muhammad Khalid

Dual Closure and the 'Problem' of Middle-Class Unionism
John McCollow

The Enigma of Declining Unionism: An Empirical Study
Duncan Macdonald, Glenda Strachan and Leanne Houston

How Ethical is the Australian Workplace Relations Act?
Jim McDonald

Labour's Principles of Scientific Management and Scientific Management's Industrial Employment Code
Chris Nyland and Jacqui Lee

Are Public Sector Industrial Relations Different? Wage Bargaining in the Australian Public Service 1991-1996
John O'Brien

'A New Province for Law and Order': The Workplace Relations Act in Historical Context
John O'Brien

'Asian' Values and Industrial Relations in Singapore
Alfred Oehlers

Industrial Relations and the Social Movement Literature
Shane Ostenfeld

The Paradigm Shift in Australian Union Membership: A Tale of Compulsory Unionism
David Peetz

Common and Disparate Themes in Employment Relations Practices for International and Domestic Organisations
John Rodwell and Stephen Teo

Market Rules: Industrial Relations in Hotels and Restaurants
Rose Ryan

Employment Restructuring, Enterprise Bargaining and Employment Conditions for Women Workers
Glenda Strachan and John Burgess

Does Strategic HRM Exist in Corporatised Queensland Public Sector Organisations?
Stephen Teo and Greg Southey

Employer Associations, Dual Membership and the Problem of Conflicting Policies
Louise Thornthwaite and Peter Sheldon

Bargaining in an Iron Lung: A Case Study of Enterprise Bargaining in the Private Hospital and Aged Care Industry
Nils Timo

Regulation Theory and Australian Theorising of Institutional Change in Industrial Regulation
Gerrit Treuren

The Culture of Commitment and Union Avoidance in an Australian Firm
Diane van den Broek

Teaching Mediation: A Three Stage Process
Bernadine Van Gramberg

Pay Equity in a Decentralised Industrial Relations Environment
Gillian Whitehouse and Di Zetlin

Non-Refereed Papers

Are Union Organising Methods Gendered?
Janis Bailey

Superannuation and Industrial Relations: Gender Implications for Retirement Incomes
Kerry Brown, Peter Brosnan and Natalie Gallery

The Development of Laws Regulating Unfair Dismissal in Australia
Anna Chapman

Industrial Relations Risk in the Construction Industry - A Contractual Perspective
John Crittall

Award-making in the Era of Enterprise Bargaining: Employer Strategy in the Queensland Commercial Health and Fitness Industry
Jennifer Dudley and Glenda Maconachie

Election 1996: The Impact of MMP on the Development of Public Policy and Industrial Relations in New Zealand
Glenda Fryer

Global Regulation and Labour Strategy: The Case of International Labour Standards
Nigel Haworth and Stephen Hughes

The Direct and Indirect Costs of Workplace Accidents in New Zealand
Linda Head and Mark Harcourt

Enough Care Taken? Occupational Selection and Childcare
Michael Lyons

Collective Bargaining and Organisational Change in Regional SMEs
Jim McDonald and Retha Wiesner

Amalgamation Blues: The Case of the Musicians Union of Australia
Grant Michelson

Works Councils and Teamwork in a German Motor-Car Plant
Thomas Murakami

The De-Institutionalisation of Australian Industrial Relations -- Temporarily Stalled?
Richard Naughton

Gender in the Field of Industrial Relations: What are we missing?
Barbara Pocock

Rumpoles of the AIRC: The Making and Justification of an Advocacy Video for Student Education
Bill Robbins

Not Another Japanese Management Paper! The Transfer of Lean Management Practices to Service Industries: a Transaction Costs Analysis
Peter Ross and Greg Bamber

High Commitment Management and Pluralism in a Small Business Network
Suzanne Ryan

The Old Order and the New: Contrasts in the Response of Australian and Overseas Shipowners to Full Employment on the Waterfront, 1944-1952
Tom Sheridan

The Nature and Consequences of Labour Market Deregulation in Australasia
Julian Teicher and Stuart Svensen

Time's Up for TUTA -- a Corporatist Casualty
Gerry R Voll


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