Association of Industrial Relations Academics of Australian and New Zealand

Proceedings of the 22nd Conference

of the Association of Industrial Relations Academics of Australia and New Zealand

February 6-8, Melbourne, Australia, 2008

Refereed Papers


Non-refereed Papers

Refereed Papers (pdf)

Abeysekera, L.

How Do Couples Experience Work-Family Conflict? The Effect Of Role Salience

Allisey, A.F., Rodwell, J.J., and Noblet, A.

Officer Wellbeing, Satisfaction And Commitment: Job Conditions Of Australian Law Enforcement Personnel

Arrowsmith, J.

Strategy And Structure In Pay Systems Design: Variable Pay In European Retail Banking

Barton, R., Snell, D., and Fairbrother, P.

The State Of Unions And Union Research In Australia

Bartram, T., Stanton, P., Young, S., and Leggat, S.

Building The Team: High Performance Work Practices And Employee Commitment

Bertone, S., Marshall, S. and Zuhair, S.

What Impact Has Workchoices Had On The Wages, Working Conditions, Working Lives And Well-Being Of Victorian Non-Union Members?

Blackwood, L. and Louis, W.

Social Influence And Young Workers’ Union-Related Attitudes And Behaviours

Bray, M., and Waring, P.

The (Continuing) Importance Of Industry Studies In Industrial Relations

Brigden, C.

Representations Of Labour: Images Of Work And Workers In Film

Capezio, A., O’Donnell,  M., and Shields, J.

Too Good To Be True?: Board Structural Independence As A Moderator Of CEO Cash Reward

Charlesworth, S. and Macdonald, F.

The Unpaid Parental Leave Standard: What Standard?

Cregan, C. and Johnston, S.

I Changed My Job And There Was No Union For Me To Join: The Implications Of An Analysis Of Longitudinal Employee Data For Effective Union Organising

Dundon, T., Gonzalez-Perez, M., and McDonough, T.

Bitten By The Celtic Tiger: Immigrant Workers And Industrial Relations In A New “Glocalised” Ireland

Elton, J.

Forward With Fairness As An Industrial Relations Strategy For Women Working In Minimum Conditions Sectors

Fudge, J.

The Supreme Court Of Canada And The Right To Bargain Collectively: The Implications Of The Health Service And Support Case In Canada And Beyond

Goodwin, M. and Maconachie, G.

Political Influence And The Enforcement Of Minimum Labour Standards In The Australian Federal Industrial Relations Jurisdiction

Greenwood, M.

Classifying Employees As Stakeholders

Griffin, L., and Brown, M.

Antecedents Of Young People’s Union Attitudes

Grigg, K. , and Da Silva, D.

The Role Of Work Life Balance Employer Brands And Regional Skill Shortages

Harris, L. & Foster, B.

The Drivers Of Work-Life Balance: A Critical Review

Healy, J.

The Fairness Of Safety Net Award Minimum Wages, 1992-2006

Knox, A.

How Low Can You Go? : Low Wage Jobs In Australian Hotels

Kovačević, S.

Remuneration Committees In The Spotlight: Explaining Executive Pay

Lamare, J.R.

Union Mobilization And Voter Turnout In Los Angeles

Le Deist, F. and Winterton, J.

Industrial Relations And Training In France

Le Queux, S. and Sainsaulieu, I.

Thriving In The Lost Paradigm: Social Movement Unionism In France

Maconachie, G. and Sappey, J.

Can Unions Provide What Workers Want? The Case Of The Queensland Health And Fitness Industry

Martin, G.

Driving Corporate Reputations From The Inside: A Strategic Role And Strategic Dilemmas For HR?

McDonald, P., Waterhouse J., and Kellner, A.

Sacked! Young Workers' Dismissal And The Psychological Contract

Parker, J.

The TUC And Civil Alliance Building: Towards Social Movement Unionism?

Pekarek, A.

What Gives Unions The Capacity To Implement Different Strategies?

Provis, C.

Geoff’s Christmas And Employment Relations Decision-Making

Puchala, N. and Waterhouse, J.

Keeping Time In Planned, Participative Organisational Change: Hard Or Soft HRM?

Rasmussen, E. and Corbett, G.

Why Isn’t Teleworking Working?

Saville, K., Hearn-Mackinnon, B., Morris, L. and Waddell, D.

Work Choices: Increasing Productivity, Job Creation And Work-Family Balance? Not Likely!

Sheikh, A.Z.

Pay-Rolling Agencies In Pakistan: A Cost Cutting Move Or A Changing Contour Of Employment?

Skinner, N., Pocock,  B., and Williams, P.

Work-Life Issues In Australia: What Do We Know?

Strachan, G., and French, E.

EEO – Is It Living Up To Its Promise Of Achieving Gender Equity?

Tattersall, A.

When The Workplace Is Not Enough: Coalition Unionism, Political Demands And Lessons From Public Education Campaigns In Sydney

Thanacoody, R., Bartram, T., Casimir, G., and Burchielli, R.

The Challenge Of Work-Family Conflict Among Australian Cancer Workers

Townsend, K., Brown, K., Bradley, L., and Lingard, H.

When Working Five Days A Week Seems Radical: Compressed Working Weeks In The Australian Construction Industry


Good Governance In Democratic Developing Countries: A Paradox

Weller, S., and Van Gramberg, B.

Facilitating Change And Fostering Involvement: A Study Of The Australian Higher Education Sector

Williamson, D., Harris, C. and Gent, S.

I Love You – Goodbye: Exit Interviews And Turnover In The New Zealand Hotel Industry

Young, S. and Thyil, V.

Formalised Partners In Success Or Marginalized Instruments For Profits? An Investigation Into The Position Of Employees In Governance

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Abstracts and non-refereed papers (pdf)


Baird, M., Berg, P., and Williamson, S.

Varieties Of Unionism: Different Approaches To Bargaining And Implementing Flexibility In US And Australian Universities

Cooper, R., and Ellem, B.

‘Less Than Zero’: Union Recognition And Bargaining Rights In Australia

Dorsett, S., and Lafferty, G.

Bargaining Anorexia: The Problem Of The Skinny Collective Agreement

Forsyth, A.

Protection Against Economic Dismissals: Australian Law Compared With Five Other OECD Countries

Gahan, P.

‘Voice Within Voice’. Union Member Responses To Dissatisfaction With Their Union

Gahan, P.

Has Work Choices Transformed The Wage-Effort Bargain? Evidence From Workplace Agreements

Gahan, P., and McCalman, P.

Labour Market Institutions And The Pattern Of International Trade

Gahan, P. and Pekarek, A.

New Repertoires Of Union Action: Evidence From Australian Case Studies

Gill, C.

The Relationship Between Union Presence, Employee Relations And The Adoption Of High Performance Work Practices In Large Australian Organisations

Heap, L.

Foundations For New Workplace Relationships:  An Exploration Of The Content And Future Role Of The AIER’s Charter Of Employment Rights

Howe, J. and Landau, I.

Industry Assistance, Job Creation And Labour Standards: Do Governments Seek To Influence The Employment Practices Of Subsidised Corporations?

Jerrard, M.

Community Unionism Or Commercial Strategy? A Case Study Of The CFMEU-Canberra Raiders

Jerrard, M., Cockfield, S., and Buttigieg, D.

Victorian Case Studies Of The Shift From Union Organising To Community Unionism

Jerrard, M., Cooney, R., Donohue, R., and Kimberley, N.

‘Dirty Work Is Still Dirty Work’ – Challenges To Reinventing Careers In The Meat Processing Industry

Jülich, S., and Laneyrie, F.

Ways Forward For Union/Community Coalition Building? Collaboration, Empowerment And Tiaki Tinana

Laneyrie, F.

Revisiting ‘Gender’, ‘Class’ And ‘Space’: Feminist Standpoint Epistemology

Lipsig-Mumme, C., and Roose, J.

Invisible Underclass: NESB Youth And Unions, A Research Agenda

Marshall, S., Mitchell, R., and O’Donnell, A.

Corporate Governance And The Management Of Labour: Some Observations On The Australian Experience

McGrath Champ, S., and Yang, X.

Expatriate Performance Management And Internationalisation In China And Hong Kong

Muir, K.

“I Was So Mad I Had To Do Something” Campaigning For Rights At Work In The Community

Murray, J.

Gendered Expectations Or Economic Preferences?

Nugroho, H.

Corporate-State Relations In Current Industrial Relations Practices In Indonesia

Nuttall, P.

Can The Common Law Step Into The Breach Created By Workchoices? Should It? Would It? Common Law Principles And Antipodean Employment Law

O’Donoghue, P., Stanton, P., Bartram, T.

Employee Participation In Health: Two Victorian Case Studies

Pendleton, A., and Gospel, H.

Ownership, Governance, And Workers’ Pay

Pendleton, A., and Robinson, A.

Employee Stock Ownership And Productivity: An Interaction-Based Approach

Piercy, G., Batters, T., Spence, C., Law, M., and Harris, P.

Molding The Market: Skill Ecosystems In The New Zealand Context

Roles, C.

Commonwealth And State Regulation Of Occupational Health And Safety – Promises And Pitfalls

Ross, P.

New Technology And Work In The Australian Telecommunications Sector: Big Brother Is Watching You!

Shi, E.

Redundancy Pay In Australia – Before And After Work Choices

Stern, E.

Terminations For Genuine Operational Reasons? 

Tjandraningsih, I.

My Neighbour, My Enemy? The Complexity Of Industrial Conflicts In Indonesia’s Reformasi

Turberville, S. and Waite, M.

Corporate Governance, High Performance, And Workplace Relations

Waite, M.

Monitoring The Impact Of Workchoices – Evidence From The Victorian Workplace Rights Advocate

Waite, M., and Turberville, S.

Gender, Pay And Workplace Entitlements – Findings From The Victorian Workplace Industrial Relations Survey

Westcott, M.

The Limits Of Workplace Reform: The Case Of Carlton United’s Ken Brewery

Willis, E., Toffoli, L., Henderson, J. & Walter, B.

Enterprise Bargaining: A Case Study In De-Intensification Of Nursing Work In Australia


Blumenfeld, S., and O’Neil, P.

From Fordism To Flexible Mass Production: The Case Of New Zealand’s Meat Processing Sector

Bryson, J., and O’Neil, P.

Developing Human Capability: The Potential Contribution Of Workplaces To A Civil Society

Buchanan, J. and Considine, G.

The Evolution Of Australian Workplace IR 1987 – 2007: Making Sense Of Recent Policy And Practice

Buchanan, J.

Values, Research And Industrial Relations Policy: Recent Controversies And Implications For The Future

Campbell, I., Malone, J., and Charlesworth, S. 

“The Overseers Have Become Crueller”: Solicitors And Billable Hours

Cathcart, A., Dear, K., McDonald, P., and Townsend, K.

Negotiating Domestic And Paid Labour Arrangements: Some Emergent Themes

Charlesworth, S. and Campbell, I.

Right To Request Regulation: A Panacea For Work/Family Imbalance?

Delaney, A.

Accounting For Corporate Social Responsibility: Does It Benefit Workers Across The Supply Chain?

Dona, M.

Reproducing Ethnic Identity And Stereotyping In The Community Of Sampoerna’s Female Laborers

Donaghey, J.

Irish Unions And Social Partnership In The Global Economy: Complementary And Contradictory Revitalisation Strategies

Douglas, J.

Power, Patriarchy And The Professions

Fisi’iahi, F.K.V.

The Impact Of Prolonged Absence Of Labour Legislation In Promoting Decent Work In Tonga

Flintoff, F.

Employment Law In Alberta: Flexible Or Ripe For Reform?

Gekara, V.

Navigating Uncertain Seas - UK Maritime Sector Unions In The Fight For Seafaring Jobs

Gough, R., and Brewer, P.

Working In The Health Care Sector: A Medium Sized Private Sector Hospital

Jensen, A.

Sustainable Democratic Corporate Governance: The European Experience

Kaine, S.

Aged Care Regulation At Work: A Case Study

Kesting, S.

Scandinavia Of The South Seas? Transaction Costs Of Early Childhood Education And Care In New Zealand

Kirsch, A.

Union Mergers As A Revitalization Strategy: The Case Of Ver.Di In Germany

Kohn, N., and Sheldon, P.

AWAs And Individual Bargaining: The Howard Government’s Tips For Novice Negotiators

Lansbury, R.D., Wailes, N., and Kirsch, A.

Globalisation, Varieties Of Capitalism And Employment Relations In The International Automotive Assembly Industry

Lindsay, B., and Gough, R.

The Ambivalence Of Work: Preliminary Evidence On Work Quality In The Finance Sector

Markey, R.

The Paradox Of Organisational Consolidation And Demobilisation: From The NZ Federation Of Labour To The NZ Council Of Trade Unions, 1967-87

Masterman-Smith, H., and Pocock, B.

Working Low Paid In Australia

May, R., Gale, L., and  Campbell, I.

Casually Appointed, Permanently Exploited:  How Is NTEU Responding To The Casualisation Of Academia In The Current Climate?

McGrath, T.F.

Equal Employment Opportunities Reporting And Practices: Developments In New Zealand 2004-2007

McGrath Champ, S., and Rosewarne, S.

Labour Force Challenges In Australian Building And Construction: Industry Reorganisation, Subcontracting And Change

Michelson, G., Jamieson, S., and Burgess, J.

Emerging Actors In Australian Industrial Relations

Peeters, M., and Campbell, I.

Low Pay And Working Time: The Case Of Contract Cleaners

Peetz, D., and Preston, A.

Wages Under AWAs And Collective Agreements

Peetz, D. and Murray, G.

‘You Have Us Riled Up!’: Women’s Role In A 2001 Miners’ Strike

Pekarek, A.

Why Become A Shop Steward? Exploring Influences On Steward Incumbency In Three Victorian Unions

Ponce-Pura, M.P.A.

The Philippine Business Sector’s Response To HIV/AIDS In The Workplace

Ravenswood, K.

Limitations Of The Role Of The State: Family-Friendly Policy In New Zealand

Sheen, V.

Women, Welfare And Low Pay – Sustainable Futures

Stevens, A.

Calling For Internationalism: The Building Of Call Centre Unionism In India

Strachan, G., Whitehouse, G., Peetz, D., Bailey, J., and Broadbent, K.

Gender Equity In Universities: Should We Be Worried?

Sutherland, C.

Fair Agreements Under Work Choices? A Closer Look At Bargaining Outcomes

van Wanrooy, B.

Australian Workplace Agreements: Realities And Revelations

Verry, J.F.

Prevention And Resolution Of Workplace Bullying

Werth, S.

Workchoices: Hardly A New Agenda

Young, S., and Hasic, N.

Tracing The Roots Of Corporate Power: Is There A Path To Corporate Social Responsibility?

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