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Waikato Management School
Te Raupapa

Bachelor of Entrepreneurship


Work for yourself and build your own successful business, from the ground up.

The Bachelor of Entrepreneurship (BEntre) is a three-year specialist degree that provides an overview of entrepreneurial thought and action.

Entrepreneurs go into unchartered territory and work in an uncertain landscape, which requires a different skill-set. The BEntre provides the skills and methods to develop and critique what is required to create a good idea and successfully launch and grow a new venture. In this degree, you will develop 'out of the box' thinking, incorporate your passion, and be socially responsible to make a positive difference in society.

Your first major will be in Entrepreneurship, where you will study a range of key papers to develop your entrepreneurial and management knowledge. It is strongly recommended that you choose a second management major to consolidate your programme and provide you with broader career opportunities.

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