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Waikato Management School
Te Raupapa

Bachelor of Communication Studies


Planning your programme effectively, especially with the help of our Management Student Centre (MSC) staff, will help to ensure that you meet all the requirements for your qualification and/or subject.

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The academic year is split into semesters, A (Mar-Jun) and B (Jul-Oct) are standard semesters and S (Jan-Feb) and T (Nov-Dec) are short six to eight week Summer School semesters. The normal workload for A and B semesters is 60 points, or four first year papers, each semester. The maximum workload in summer school is 40 points. You must have at least seven Level 1 papers for Studylink to consider you a full-time student.

First Year Compulsory Papers (all 15 points each)

LING132 Introduction to Linguistic Communication
This paper introduces that branch of Linguistics which examines the way in which language is used as an expression of a speaker's culture and social group, and considers how language varies according to social context.

MCOM102 Communication in an Online Society
This paper introduces the theories, practices and applications of communication in relation to how people make sense of their lives in an online society.

MCOM122 Diversity and Communication Management
Learn about managing diversity, including communicating ethically and responsibly across a wide range of differences. Māori models of communication and their implications for management and communication practices in Aotearoa/New Zealand are also explored.

MCOM133 Introduction to Corporate Communication
This paper provides an introduction to the diverse functions of corporate communication. It also explores how important creativity is in making corporate communication work at all levels.

Note(s): If you do not have a strong background in literacy then you may be directed to take MCOM104 Written Communication for Managers, before attempting MCOM133.

MKTG151 Introduction to Marketing
Marketing affects many aspects of our lives. This paper introduces the study of marketing by discussing key marketing concepts, including international aspects, that impact our experiences as consumers of goods and services.

Either MNGT100 Management and Sustainability
This paper introduces students to the concept of sustainability and its importance to management and business from the perspectives of economics, strategic management and management communication.

or STMG191 Introduction to Management
This paper provides an appreciation of management essentials and the role of managers in a contemporary context.

Note(s): If you do not have a strong background in literacy then you may be directed to take MCOM104 Written Communication for Managers, before attempting STMG191

You will also normally take the free compulsory MNGT060 Writing Competency Module in your first semester of study, please note that if you do not pass this module then you will be required to take MCOM104 in your second semester of study.

Possible first year elective papers

Other than your first year compulsory papers, you may choose first year elective papers (Level 1 or 100) from almost any subject though you may need to select specific preparation papers depending upon your previous academic study and future major subject choices.

WMS Papers include:

  • ACCT101 Accounting for Management
  • ACCT102 Introductory Financial Accounting
  • AGRI101 Agribusiness – Making Dirt Pay
  • ECON100 Business Economics and the NZ Economy
  • ECON110 Economics and Society
  • FINA101 Financial Literacy and Wealth Management
  • MCOM104 Written Communication for Management
  • MCOM111 Introduction to Leadership
  • MSYS121 The World of Electronic Commerce
  • STMG192 The Entrepreneur
  • TOMG101 Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality
  • TOMG110 Cruise Ship Tourism

For WMS papers visit Papers by Subject Code and choose Level 1 papers, or if you wish to look at all subject papers visit

Some papers have prerequisites (entry requirements, for example a certain level of study at NCEA, or another university paper that ensures you have a level of understanding to participate), corequisites (a paper that you must take at the same time) and/or restrictions (only one of the restricted papers can be taken). You may be required to take a particular prerequisite paper as your elective if you do not fulfil the entry requirements for one of your chosen papers. Careful programme planning is advised.

If you are planning to take a second major in an undergraduate subject not listed for the degree, and you wish to meet the requirements for the degree within the minimum number of points, then you will need to take a 200 level major paper in place of one of your first year elective papers.

It is possible to change your optional paper choices once you are enrolled. You can normally change your enrolment in papers prior to, or in the first one or two weeks of semester.

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