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International Management


All current or prospective students who wish to take International Management as an undergraduate subject (Major, Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma) need to be aware of some important changes.

Since 2016 International Management will only be available as a subject for a Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma, Master of Management Studies.

Current and prospective students should take note of the following points:

International Management as an undergraduate subject is offered as a specialisation to the Strategic Management major in the BMS/BMS(Hons). To find information on this specialisation visit To find the information select "Subjects" to see the list of available subject areas; then choose "Strategic Management". On the left hand side under "About Subject" select "Regulations" making sure the information is for 2016.

If you are already enrolled in International Management as a major, the rules from when you first enrolled in the major can be followed.

If you have any concerns about how these changes will impact on your degree programme, please contact the Management Student Centre, phone (07) 838 4303 or email

Why choose International Management?

International Management deals with business activities that span across the globe, between continents and cultures.

New Zealand businesses must learn to operate in countries that have hugely different economic, cultural, political, legal and technological system and values to our own.

This subject teaches you how to analyse international business environments and to develop effective strategies for entering and servicing international markets.

These skills will prepare you for many exciting careers in the commercial sector, particularly in export and international management, finance, government departments and tourism.

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