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Volume 10 No. 1 (October 2007)


Special Issue:

Critical Management Studies 2007

Best paper award for one selected article out of each stream

Winning Articles (as of 03 December 2007)

Stream 4: CMS at work in the world

X-factor, empowerment and the cult of the Manager
Brendon Harvey

Stream 7: Critical public sector management studies (cpms)? Could there be such a thing?

War, Incorporated: Private, Unaccountable and Profitable
Michele Chwastiak, University of New Mexico

Stream 8: Critical thinking in the management of information and communication technologies

Disciplining innovation? An exploration of bargains for mobile information artefacts in knowledge-work
Chris Russell, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff

Stream 11: Emergent story and control narratives

Ton Bruining - Article to be received

Stream 18: Managing the self: identity, consumption and choice

Managing human capital: The protean identity and the market of education in Brazil
Isleide Arruda Fontenelle, FGV-EAESP Sao Paulo

Stream 28: The visual culture of business

A re-visionist cultural history of the ‘art’ of management: new managerialism, motivational art, and the kitschification of culture
Shaun Bertram, London Consortium

The business of visual culture
Sunil Manghani, York St John University & Kyoko Fukukawa, University of Bradford

To supplement the above paper by Shaun Bertram, the paper "The business of visual culture" by Sunil Manghani and Kyoko Fukukawa gives some theoretical context to the new stream "The visual culture of business".