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Gazi Hassan

Senior Lecturer – Economics

Room:         MSB.2.22
Telephone: (64 7) 858 5164
Email:         E-mailE-mail
Waikato Management School
The University of Waikato
Private Bag 3105
New Zealand
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I am an applied economist. I teach macroeconomics, applied econometrics and quantitative methods in economics & finance to undergraduate students. Currently, I am a Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor as in the US) in Economics at University of Waikato, New Zealand. My primary research field is empirical growth economics, particularly focusing on the econometric issues arising in estimating growth models to measure the impact of remittances, external capital flows, macroeconomic volatility and real exchange rate overvaluation. My current research project are: a) to investigate the effects sovereign country credit ratings on the real sectors; b) effect of gender disaggregated health capital on economic growth; c) behavioural responses of remittances recipient households facing natural disasters; d) debt incurred model of migration and the consequent behaviour of remittances inflow with respect to changes in 'lending rate' in the home country and real exchange rate and e) physical fitness and economic growth. My secondary research field is the determinants of social violence, particularly modelling and measuring how external foreign income and speed of transferring money across the country due to digital technology can affect homicide rate or interpersonal or social conflict. My research papers have either been accepted or appeared at Journal of Development Studies, The World Economy, International Migration, Economic Modelling, Applied Economics, Journal of Asian Economics, Applied Economics Letters and Applied Financial economics. My administrative functions in the department include carrying out the roles and responsibilities of the Convenors for ECON499/495/399, which are related to  coordinating the fourth year and  honours students' research projects  and also managing economics internship programme through which students gain industry experience.