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Waikato Management School
Te Raupapa

ECON204-16T (HAM) - Quantitative Methods for Economics and Finance (2016)


Credit points


Calendar description

An introduction to standard quantitative techniques widely used in economics and finance.

Handbook description

This paper provides students with a knowledge of quantitative techniques with particular reference to their use and application in economics and finance. The main focus is on regression analysis, optimisation and dynamic analysis. Emphasis is on applications; computer-based workshops are held weekly as an aid to understanding and to apply the theoretical techniques introduced in lectures. Students are expected to know basic mathematical techniques and Microsoft Excel will be used. This course is strongly recommended for students majoring in Finance.

Extended Information

Students will be introduced to a variety of mathematical, statistical and econometric techniques. Topics have been selected so that students learn the most important quantitative skills needed in Economics and Finance. They also have a wide applicability to other management and social science analyses and research. The main emphasis is on recognising which techniques are appropriate for particular types of problems and on using the techniques to solve problems. There will also be a focus on interpreting the results. Calculations will use a mixture of real or constructed data from New Zealand or international sources.