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Waikato Management School
Te Raupapa

FINA201-16T (HAM) - Finance (2016)


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Calendar description

This paper introduces the basics of finance, developing an understanding of financial markets and their usefulness in the business environment, developing skills in financial analysis including investment decision making, and introducing concepts of financial risk.

Handbook description

This paper introduces all BMS students to the basics of finance. It enables all students to understand the financial markets and their usefulness in the business environment. It ensures that students have skills in financial problem solving from a corporate perspective. It introduces the students to the concepts of financial risk. It makes students aware of the investment decision making process.

Extended Information

The study of this paper consists of two fundamental and interrelated areas: Corporate finance and investment. Corporate finance deals with decisions that all firms make concerning their cash flows. The duties encountered in corporate finance include capital budgeting, capital structure and working capital management. The area of investment focuses on the decisions made by businesses and individuals as they choose securities for their investment portfolios. The major functions in the investment area range from determining the values, risks and returns associated with financial assets, such as stocks and bonds.