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Waikato Management School
Te Raupapa

FINA403-16T (NET) - Entrepreneurial Finance (2016)


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Calendar description

This paper focuses on the role of smaller businesses in the economy, the financial management of these enterprises and government policy relating to the SME (small-medium enterprise) sector. Various models of businesses, theories, knowledge, and financial tools needed to start an entrepreneurial venture are explored.

Handbook description

This paper investigates the key issues relating to small business finance, especially in New Zealand. Empirical evidence, theoretical models and government policy are considered.

Extended Information

Small business typically constitutes a significant proportion of the employment and gross domestic product of most countries. The study of small business finance is important and whether it is micro-finance in a less developed country, emerging economy or market based in a mature economy. Interventions by governments, international aid and funding agencies are all part of the very rich tapestry of small business finance and at times the return and risk parameters are not always obvious.

Early publication of this paper is to assist prospective students consider the nature of this first Finance Net Paper and whether it is suitable for them. Accordingly, consider it as a draft. More material will be added to the site prior to the commencement of Semester T. Teaching notes, videos and other resources will be added, week by week, from the start of T semester.