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Waikato Management School
Te Raupapa

Bachelor of Electronic Commerce


Completing a major requires you to pass papers at particular levels. Your chosen subject may have specific requirements to include particular papers or choose from a selection of major papers. For full information about any subject visit

You can choose almost any subject as a second major, but at least one of the subjects below must be your first major:

For any subject listed above the major requirements are associated to the programme. Any second major not listed above is considered to be a 'Generic 2nd Major' and may have its own specific paper requirements; for WMS subjects these Generic 2nd Major requirements are listed under the subject information.

For any of the above subjects you must:

  • Pass 120 points above 100-level including at least 60 points above 200-level
  • Complete any specific major paper requirements
  • You are not able to count any compulsory paper towards your major
  • If you are taking two majors and wish to complete within the minimum requirements then you will need to take a 200-level major paper in place of a year one elective paper, or you can take an additional paper for your programme.

Other choices

You can choose to take a second major in any other undergraduate subject irrespective of whether it is listed for the programme. If your second major is not a WMS subject then you must follow the regulations stated by the other relevant Faculty to complete the major.

Sometimes choosing a second major may mean that more than 360 points are required to complete your degree and you may be required to complete prerequisite papers.

You can also choose to take a specialisation, this is like a mini-major and for the BECom you can choose from Management Education Abroad or a Language - Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish or Te Reo Maori.

Applied Computing requirements

For a major in Applied Computing you will be required to take; COMP219 Database Practice and Experience, COMP233 Internet Applications, COMP258 Programming Usable Systems, COMP329 Database Systems, COMP333 Web Applications Development and MSYS319 Industry Experience 2.

Note: This major requires COMP103 as a prerequisite for COMP 200-level papers. If Applied Computing is taken as a second major for the BECom, then MSYS319 may be replaced with one of COMP315, COMP321 or COMP325.

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