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Waikato Management School
Te Raupapa

Bachelor of Electronic Commerce


The BECom was New Zealand's first electronic commerce degree, and Waikato Management School is recognised as a world leader in providing this specialist qualification.

In New Zealand and around the world, firms report a growing demand for graduates with a solid mix of business and management education, combined with skills and hands-on experience in applying e-commerce technologies to today's internet-driven business environment. The three-year Bachelor of Electronic Commerce (BECom) provides this highly desirable mix of management and technology skills.

Applying e-commerce technologies to transform existing business processes requires more than just a basic acquaintance with computers. New business models are emerging that will revolutionise how organisations interact with their key customers and suppliers through the internet - not only to transfer and process business transactions, but also to develop electronically enabled relationships and support human interaction.

Electronic commerce has gone way beyond building web pages; recent developments with the likes of social media, cloud computing and big data have changed the way in which businesses engage with technology. It also now touches all the basic functions of every organisation. Employers need people with a BECom on their CV to help deliver these radical changes.

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