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Waikato Management School
Te Raupapa

Bachelor of Management Studies


We expect the following outcomes for BMS graduates:

  • Commercial context: a broad understanding of the business environment and organisational context in which management decisions are made.
  • Connectedness: think and act globally and locally.
  • Citizenship: developed awareness and holistic understanding of their role as responsible citizens within their organisations and society more generally.
  • Critical thinking: able to engage real-world problems in a theoretically informed, rigorous and questioning manner.
  • Communication: excellent oral, aural, written and electronic communication skills.
  • Collaboration: interpersonal skills required to participate effectively within and between organisations.
  • Overall: an integrated understanding of management and the ability to act as a specialist in at least one area, together with a holistic appreciation of both national and international business contexts.

Assurance of Learning

Assessments have been designed to measure how well learning outcomes are being met – hence the name Assurance of Learning. Some assessments are embedded as part of your compulsory papers and may have marks, and some are required to complete your programme.

As a BMS student you will undertake a range of these assessments including completing a test of General Business Knowledge (GBK) and a Subject Specific (SS) test. The GBK test is designed to determine the level of general understanding of business and management. It covers the content of all the core subjects within the BMS and includes specific questions on management for sustainability and general business knowledge. The SS test is designed to determine the level of general understanding within the major, and it covers topics that have been studied in completing the major. The School will use the information it obtains from the results of these tests as part of a process designed to improve its programmes.

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