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Waikato Management School
Te Raupapa

Bachelor of Management Studies


Completing a major requires you to pass papers at particular levels. Your chosen subject may have specific requirements to include particular papers or choose from a selection of major papers. For full information about any subject visit

You can choose almost any subject as a second major, but at least one of the subjects below must be your first major:

For any subject listed above, the major requirements are associated to the BMS programme. Any second major not listed above is considered to be a 'Generic 2nd Major' and may have its own specific paper requirements; for WMS subjects these Generic 2nd Major requirements are listed under the subject information.

For any of our subjects, whether it is your first or second major, you must:

  • Pass 120 points above 100-level including at least: 60 points above 200-level and 40 points above 300-level.
  • Complete any specific major paper requirements
  • If you are taking two majors from the list above you can count the compulsory paper MNGT221 as a second major paper.

Other choices

You can choose to take a second major in any other undergraduate subject; if it is a WMS subject then the major rules above apply irrespective of whether it is listed for the programme. If it is not a WMS subject then you must follow the regulations stated by the relevant Faculty to complete the major. You may also be required to complete prerequisite papers.

If your second major is not listed above and you wish to complete within the minimum requirements then you will need to take a 200-level major paper in place of a year one elective paper, or you can take an additional paper for your programme.

You can also choose to take a specialisation; this is like a mini-major and for the BMS you can choose from Agribusiness, Events Management, Health Communication, Management Education Abroad, or a Language - Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish or Te Reo Maori.

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