Bachelor of Management Studies


MKTG151 Marketing Trade Show

Teams of students are asked to come up with an innovative idea for a new product or service, then showcase their ideas for judging. They conduct market testing and plan a full marketing mix strategy, including packaging design, promotion, price and distribution. Previous themes have included 'Toys and games', 'Chocolate', 'Money-saving ideas', 'Automobile accessories' and 'Gardening products'.

STMG391 Case Competition

In this practical project, teams of students analyse and develop a growth strategy for a real company, then write and present their recommended business strategy.

Previous companies have included Jucy rental and tourism company, Pavlovich Coachlines, Nice Blocks ice-cream company, and Tainui Group Holdings Ltd.

The best four teams are chosen as finalists for the Waikato Management School Case Competition to present their strategy before a panel of judges.

As well as being a great way to gain confidence and experience, the winning team shares a cash prize donated by a Corporate Sponsor. The competition is offered in semesters A and B only. For more information and examples, see

495 Industry Experience 4

Individual students find their own host organisation (subject to departmental approval) and spend 4 to 13 weeks working there. They take part in weekly online discussions and complete various assessments.

496 A Management Internship: From Theory to Practice

This paper gives students the opportunity to complete a 20-week internship (at least 150 hours) with a relevant host organisation located in New Zealand or overseas, and gain valuable work experience. You'll apply knowledge learned in class by carrying out a special project in a real-world setting, guided by a mentor and academic supervisors. Enrolment in this paper is subject to appropriate internships being available and a high overall grade point average for past papers. It involves a competitive process, including a formal interview with the host organisation. For more information see

499 Report of an Investigation

Employers rate our 499 project highly; they like recruiting BMS graduates with proven analytical abilities and work experience. This paper involves conducting research with a sponsoring organisation, applying theories to solve problems in a real management situation, and writing up your findings in a formal report.

Speak to your subject's departmental 499 convenor, or MSC, for more information.

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