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Bachelor of Management Studies


Conjoint degrees are taken simultaneously. When you take a conjoint degree the requirements allow you to complete the two components in a shorter period of time than would ordinarily be possible. All of our Undergraduate Degrees are also available as a conjoint degree with most other University of Waikato undergraduate degrees.

Conjoint degrees are just one possibility, and if you are thinking of this option, then we strongly advise you to seek academic advice about these programmes. Other options such as masters degrees or double majors may be better options. Not all conjoint combinations may be available every year.

Please contact the relevant School/Faculty to discuss the requirements of its component of the conjoint degree.

Conjoint programme requirements

To be able to graduate with the BMS or BMS(Hons) when it is taken as part of a conjoint programme you have to complete all the special requirements for both programmes. When taking a conjoint programme you must:

  • Enrol in at least one paper for each of the component degrees each year, unless one component has been completed
  • Count each paper towards only one component degree.

Additional requirements can be found at

For the BMS or BMS(Hons) component of a conjoint degree, the special requirements are that you must:

  • Pass all the compulsory papers for the BMS or BMS(Hons) degree (if you are taking Accounting see notes below)
  • Complete the normal requirements for a first major as stated under the BMS or BMS(Hons) major requirements
  • Pass a Computer Competency Module (CCM) in the first year of study
  • Pass a Writing Competency Module (WCM) in your first semester of study (see notes below)
  • Take an Employment Skills Module (ESM)
  • Complete any Assurance of Learning requirements
  • Pass a minimum of 360 points at 100, 200, 300, and 400 level including at least: 270 points above 100 level, 150 points above 200 level, and either 60 points at 400 level for the BMS or 90 points at 500 level for the BMS(Hons).

Note: If you are taking an Accounting major then you can swap HRMG241 with ACCT231, though you may not also count it towards your Accounting major. However, you are strongly encouraged to complete HRMG241 as one of your elective papers.

Note: If you do not pass the WCM in your first semester of study, then you will be required to take MCOM104 Written Communication for Management in your second semester, this may require additional points to be taken for your programme.


BMS Conjoint Planner

BMS(Hons) Conjoint Planner

BMS/LLB as a conjoint degree

If you wish to take the BMS/LLB conjoint degree, then the core paper MNGT221 requirement is met by passing LAWS204 and is therefore replaced by an additional elective paper at 200 level or above.

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