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Master of Philosophy


Whether or not you have identified a potential supervisor, one of your first steps should be to contact the Waikato Management School Student Centre, Graduate Consultant for introductory information and administrative advice. The University and the International Centre's websites (see below) also provide forms and information. You may also direct specific enquiries to the School's Doctoral Studies Convenor, the Department's Graduate Convenor, or a potential supervisor whose names and contact numbers can be found in the section named Contacting Staff. They can guide you on important academic, supervisory and some administrative issues.

Choosing a Topic
For most people, the problem is not finding a topic that interests them, but instead trying to narrow down a topic from a long list of possibilities. It is helpful to talk with potential supervisors whose research interests align with your own at an early stage, as they are likely to be aware of where the profitable gaps for study are in the literature related to your areas of study. Potential supervisors will also be able to suggest further reading that you can do to help you to make your selection. Potential supervisors are listed in the relevant areas of study in Section B.

Identifying a Supervisor
For a PhD degree, there is normally a panel of two or three supervisors, with one being a primary supervisor. A PhD student must normally have at least two supervisors who are based on the University of Waikato campus so that, should one leave or be unavailable, the second supervisor can enable a smooth transition or provide supervision in his/her absence. If you have not identified a potential supervisor, you'll be asked to provide enough information about your qualifications - together with an initial proposal or set of ideas - so that you can be directed toward appropriate potential supervisors.

PhD with Publication Option
Applicants can choose to complete a PhD with Publication, which is a hybrid thesis model which includes both published and unpublished material. It is a further option for those doctoral candidates seeking to develop skills in writing quality assurance peer reviewed publications during their PhD enrolment. The PhD with Publication requires the candidate to present a thesis comprising typically between three to six research papers some of which have been published, while others may be under review or ready for submission.

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