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Waikato Management School
Te Raupapa

Master of Philosophy


Approval to enrol in the PhD (or MPhil) requires support at the Department, School (WMS) and University level. You should complete the application forms fully with accompanying documentation in the form required. Guidance and official forms can be found under Postgraduate Studies at the following University website:

Enquiries can be answered by the WMS Management Student Centre Graduate Consultant, or at the above University Website address

Conditional Enrolment Process
In 2014, a two-stage application process was implemented to improve turnaround times for doctoral applications. At stage 1 applicants complete an initial on-line 'Statement of Interest' comprising of:

  • List of qualifications held, level of awards, and subject area (attach transcript of most recent qualification);
  • If English not first language, evidence of English Language competency e.g., IELTS/TOEFL, or evidence that previous qualifications were studied in English (attach IELTS/TOEFL certificate or tick box that previous study was in English);
  • Personal statement of research interests and where they stand in the field;
  • Subject area of proposed doctoral study;
  • 200-500 word outline of proposed doctoral research to include:
    • Title of project;
    • Statement of topic and aims of the proposed research;
  • Has the applicant been in contact with a University of Waikato staff member? If yes, details should be provided.

The University Enrolment Office will conduct an initial assessment and if the applicant meets the criteria their 'Statement of Interest' will be forwarded to the relevant Faculty. Faculties will then either decline the application or request that a full application is submittted.

Applicants who are invited to submit a full application are required to submit:

  • Application to Enrol;
  • Complete set of academic transcripts for all qualifications obtained;
  • Copy of passport or birth certificate;
  • If English not first language, evidence of English Language competency e.g., IELTS/TOEFL, or evidence that previous qualifications were studied in English;
  • Personal statement of research interests and where the applicant stands in the field;
  • A 1000-2000 word (maximum) research proposal including:
    • Title of proposed research;
    • Statement of topic, rationale for, and aims of the proposed research;
  • Ethics statement - tick box with wording as follows:
    • "This research involves the participation of human or animal subjects, and/or the data I will be collecting and analysing for my research is not freely available in the public domain. An application for ethics approval will be submitted to the Faculty Ethics Committee during the period of unconditional enrolment."
    • OR
    • "This research does NOT involved the participation of human or animal subjects and the data I am using for my research is freely available in the public domain. Therefore, I will not need to submit an applications for ethics approval to the Faculty Ethics Committee in order to undertake this research."
  • If known, names of preferred supervisors identified from staff at the University of Waikato;
  • CV including references to any research publications (optional);
  • Two letters of academic reference (optional);
  • Statement of funding answering the question: "How do you intend to fund your programme of doctoral study?"

If you do not have a supervisor, then we will use your proposal and academic records to direct your application to an appropriate Department and supervisors. If you are an international student, you should first apply by submitting your completed International Application to Enrol and other documentation to:

Enrolment Office
The University of Waikato
Private Bag 3105, Hamilton 3240
Tel:+64 7 838 4667
Fax:+64 7 838 4377

To avoid unnecessary delays you are advised to complete the forms and provide all documentation in the form required.

Grant or Scholarship Recipient
If you are applying for a grant or scholarship, please keep in mind that the PhD and MPhil enrolment process is separate from a scholarship application. You are advised to apply for PhD (or MPhil) enrolment before or concurrently with grant or scholarship applications.

Confirmed Enrolment Process
The second stage, usually six months into conditional enrolment, occurs where you apply for unconditional (or 'confirmed') enrolment. This involves the preparation of a detailed written research plan and literature review together with evidence of an approved ethics plan (see below under Ethics Approval). You are also required to make an oral presentation of this research plan to a committee of your supervisors, Chairperson of your Department, and the WMS Doctoral Studies Convenor. (For a MPhil, a detailed research plan and ethics approval is required before enrolment can take place.)

Support and Advice during Enrolment
Your supervisors, the WMS Student Centre Graduate Consultant, the School's Doctoral Convenor, Chairpersons, Graduate Convenors, and student computer lab assistants are all available to provide guidance and advice throughout your period of enrolment. The WMs Helpdesk is available to assist students with IT related issues associated with their doctoral study. Over the course of a doctoral programme $3,000 will be available for students for course research expenses or conference presentations. There is also a PhD peer group which meets regularly for seminars and informal gatherings. The Postgraduate Studies Handbook at the University of Waikato contains information and advice on all aspects of the University's PhD programme.

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