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Research and Supervision Interests

The following list contains information about the Department of Marketing faculty who are qualified to supervise in the Marketing subject area.

Associate Professor Roger Brooksbank is interested in the managerial aspects of marketing. He has a background as a small business marketing practitioner. This is reflected in his main areas of research interest which include all aspects of marketing competitiveness and marketing strategy within small and medium sized enterprises.

Associate Professor Carolyn Costley studies consumers from both macro and micro perspectives. Her macro-marketing research stream explores marketing effects on consumers' lives and well-being. Specific topics in this stream include happiness, respect, and ethical issues in consumer research while another research stream investigates communication modalities (visual, verbal, audio) and consumers' brand perceptions. Experimental methods support this research eg visual research and reporting methods such as video and photo essay.

Dr Rouxelle de Villiers holds a PhD in Management Competency Development from AUT in New Zealand, a MDP from the USB, and MComm in Marketing from the University of Pretoria. She has over 25 years management and consultancy experience in South Africa, USA and New Zealand. Rouxelle has many years of experience in Marketing and Management in the financial services industry. As a member of SEAANZ and Business Mentors NZ, she has trained and acted as business coach for numerous SMEs in New Zealand. Dr De Villiers teaches and researches in the area of consumer and leadership decision-making, professional coaching, and inter-personal skills. She has a keen interest in creative, critical and conceptual thinking, as well as developing professional marketing management skills.

Dr Mary FitzPatrick's research explores interactions between the consumers and providers of services, in particular the experience and construction of relationships within service contexts. She has practical experience in the health care industry and a strong research interest in relational aspects of the patient-practitioner relationship. Her research approach is qualitative, drawing on social constructionism, relationality, and gender.

Dr Alexandra Hess' research empirically analyses questions in consumer behaviour. Her core focus lies in advertising and branding. Other streams of research include topics concerning consumer decision making in health-related domains (e.g.healthy eating).

Dr Mark Kilgour has a background in international importing and private consultancy. His main areas of research include major thought-processing theories such as categorisation and cognitive structures and their application to learning, promotion, and creativity. His other major research interests are in the areas of international marketing and cross cultural training. Dr Kilgour has also taught and researched in the area of international marketing and cross-cultural training. His creative thinking framework has been taught in Singapore, Germany and New Zealand. He lectures in a variety of marketing, innovation, and international management papers.

Dr Roy Larke is an expert on retailing, consumer behaviour and marketing with a particular focus on Japan. He moved to New Zealand in 2013, before which he worked as an academic in Japan, teaching and publishing in both English and Japanese. His academic research concentrates on consumer behaviour and retail strategy in Japan. He also has a keen academic interest in cross-cultural pedagogy and use of technology in the classroom. His most recent book was written with Michael Causton and published by Sensu in 2014 under the title Japan’s Top 100 Consumer Zones: Now to 2025, looking at the leading consumer markets and trends in Japan on a city by city basis. Roy Larke holds the title of full professor in Japan, and has a PhD from University of Stirling in Scotland.

Professor Richard Varey investigates participatory and ethical systems of managed interaction and communication. Currently he is studying the role of marketing in society from the point of view of marketing as a social interaction system, and the moral philosophy and political economy of market systems. He is particularly curious about social well-being, internal marketing, relationship marketing, and marketing communication principles and practices. He is interested in supervising critical, reflective research on internal marketing, marketing communication, relationship marketing, and sustainable marketing.

Adjunct Supervisor
Associate Professor Ed Weymes' research interests include peak performing and high performance organisations, relationship marketing and management education. Dr Weymes has been involved in a significant research programme that explored the factors that contribute to sustained competitive advantage in a number of organisations. This research builds on his earlier research that examined the interrelationship of quality management, customer service and strategic.

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