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Name change for the subject previously known as 'Management Communication'

All current or prospective students who wish to take Management Communication as a subject or major within their degree at the University of Waikato need to be aware of some important changes.

The subject previously known as 'Management Communication' has changed its name to 'Leadership Communication', effective from 1 January 2015.

In particular, this name change may affect students who are taking Management Communication as a first or second major.

Leadership Communication is recognised internationally as a subject discipline. New papers have also been introduced as part of this major.

The name change seeks to clearly differentiate the two subject majors offered by the Department of Management Communication - Public Relations and Leadership Communication - and responds to the growing demand for leadership communication courses.

Current and prospective students should take note of the following points:

  1. If you are applying to take any Management Communication papers in 2015 please search for the name 'Leadership Communication' on the University of Waikato website instead, or you can use the Related Links on the left to go to 'Leadership Communication' and select 'Paper Details' to see full details of available papers.
  2. If you want to take Leadership Communication (previously known as Management Communication) as a first or second major, you can see full information about this subject including regulations, papers details and more under the new subject
  3. If you are already taking Management Communication as a major, the rules from when you first enrolled in the major can be followed and are available by changing the "Information for year" date on the top right of this page, or by viewing an old Student Handbook. However, please be aware of the following changes:
    MCOM231 - Interpersonal Communication will now be offered during Semester B in 2015.
    MCOM292 - Business Communication will now be offered during Semester T, which runs from 9 November to 18 December 2015.

If you have any concerns about how these changes will impact on your degree programme, please contact the Management Student Centre, phone (07) 838 4303 or email

The Management Student Centre is located in MS1 on Hillcrest Road, behind the Station Cafe. It is closed from 19 December for the Christmas break, but will re-open on 5 January 2015.

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