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  1. Affective organising
  2. Apollo Ante Portas! - Critical Perspectives on the Creative Age
  3. Beyond the control-resistance debate: a fresh look at experiences of work and cultural control in the new economy
  4. CMS at work in the world
  5. Critical management and craft
  6. Critical marketing perspectives on identity construction in market exchanges
  7. Critical public sector management studies (cpms)? Could there be such a thing?
  8. Critical thinking in the management of information and communication technologies
  9. Critical views across cultures: legitimacy and divergences in management practices
  10. Development and globalisation: organising global concerns for security and participation
  11. Emergent story and control narratives
  12. Identity, methodology, and the researchers' craft
  13. Intellectual capital, labour and value: extending the critical agenda
  14. Management and organisation history
  15. Management and philology: perspectives on languages
  16. Managing the self: identity, consumption and choice
  17. Movements of transition: hegemonies, resistances, alternatives
  18. New perspectives in the study of professionalism: reconnecting professional organisations with professional occupations
  19. Outsourcing [the] economy: offshoring and the new global economies (no longer running)
  20. Postcolonialism
  21. Psychoanalysis, organisational practice and the political
  22. Reconnecting diversity to critical organisation and gender studies
  23. Relevance and practice: what has CMS achieved so far?
  24. Talk, power and organisational change
  25. The civic university and the future of management education: business school models and futures
  26. The contextual constitution of conflict in multinational corporations
  27. The spirit of capitalism: critical approaches to religion and spirituality in organisation
  28. The visual culture of business
  29. Where is critical HRM?
  30. Work/life intensity: practices, patterns and possibilities
  31. The open stream
  32. Doctoral colloquium

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